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Evicting A Tenant In The Winter

Evicting A Tenant In The Winter

Evicting A Tenant In The Winter Can You Evict A Tenant In The Winter?  Evicting a tenant in the winter should not be any different than evicting at any other time of the year. Theoretically speaking, as long as you follow the law and send the proper notice required in your area, you can evict a …

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Probate Investing Tip – How Long Do You Mail To Probate Leads?

Probate Investing Tip There seems to be some mystery about how to market to probates. I get asked about probate investing and marketing all the time. 

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Probates – Learn How To Find Off Market Deals Using Probate Marketing

Probate Marketing and Off Market Real Estate Deals Are you tired of competing with droves of other investors for deals?   (I know you are) It’s pretty frustrating when you’re looking for deals where everyone else is looking.  So why not look somewhere else?   I’m talking about off market deals.  So what exactly are off …

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Renting A Vacant Rental Home Fun Story

vacant rental home

A Vacant Rental Home Story When you have a vacant rental home, your job is to find a great tenant as quickly as possible.  If you have an effective marketing campaign, you will get a large number of phone calls, texts and emails asking for information about your vacant rental home.

How Soon Is Too Soon To Renew A Lease That Is Ending

How Soon Is Too Soon To Renew A Lease That Is Ending A rental property that is occupied by a tenant who pays the rent every month is the goal of every property owner. 

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Things I Hate About Being A Property Manager

  While I love what I do, there are things I hate about being a property manager. Managing rental problem or being a property manager can be a challenging job.  This is a people job and dealing with people can be difficult. Everyone has a different perspective and a different agenda.  Trying to do your …

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The Unexpected Costs Of Being A Landlord

The Unexpected Costs Of Being A Landlord Owning rental property is the dream of millions of people and not planning for unexpected costs is one of the fastest ways to destroy that dream. 

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Winter Property Inspections To Prevent House Fires

House Fires House fires are more common in the cold winter months.  Did you know that December and January are the peak times for house fires to occur? House fires are also most likely to occur on Saturdays and Sundays between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

December Rent Can Be The Hardest Rent To Collect

Collecting December Rent Christmas is around the corner and some of tenants have better uses for their money than paying December rent.  Landlords often find that December is the month of the year that is the most difficult to collect rent on time or at all. 

When Can You Keep A Security Deposit?

When Can You Keep A Security Deposit? Are you a landlord faced with a tenant who is demanding his security deposit back? Do you know your rights as a landlord?

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