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Get The Good Faith Deposit Before Removing The House From The Rental Market

Get The Good Faith Deposit A good faith deposit may be the last thing on your mind when you have a vacant home. Why?  Because having a vacant rental property can be very scary.    It can be exciting when you get someone who says “I want the house”. You may think you can breathe …

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Fine Tuning Your Pre-screening Process

Fine Tuning Your Pre-Screening Process Case Study     Pre-screening Is Not Easy For Everyone Pre-screening tenant is something that I talk about a lot.  I have been training a new person in the office and this always seems to be the hardest thing to train.  However, this lady is brilliant!    She was talking …

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If You Are A Landlord, Do You Need A Website?

refund good faith deposit

Do you need a website if you own rental property?   The best answer to this question is yes, you do need a website if you own rental property.

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How Property Taxes Affect You And Your Rental Property

Property Taxes And Your Rental Property If you are a landlord, I can probably accurately say that when you bought your first rental property, you didn’t give a lot of thought to property taxes.

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Landlord Stress Is Real – Case Study On Dealing With A Difficult Tenant

Landlord Stress Landlord stress is a very real thing.  It is the number one reason many landlords abandon their dream of building a portfolio of rentals that make them money.

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Do You Need Landlord Insurance For Your Rental Properties?

Landlord Insurance Do you have landlord insurance?  If you own even one rental property, you need to get some.  If you already have landlord insurance, do you know what your policy covers?

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Owning Rental Properties Is A Dream For Many People

Owning rental properties and becoming a landlord is a dream that many people have.  Lots of people dream of buying a few rental properties and then sitting back and watching the equity grow in the home all the while collecting large rent checks every single month.

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What Upgrades Can You Do To Make Your Rental More Desirable?

Learn how to make your rental more desirable.  Do you have trouble renting some of your properties. Have you ever asked yourself what upgrades would make your rental more desirable?   Let’s face it, tenants these days don’t want a stripped down version of a house.  In their dreams, they want a home with all …

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4 Best Ways To Collect Rent From Your Tenants

collect rent

When it is time to collect rent from your tenant on the first day of the month, you need to make it easy for the tenant to pay you.  Your tenant shouldn’t have to hunt you down to pay the rent each and every month.  Nor should you have to go knock on doors every …

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Do You Know If Your Property Is Valued Fairly? What Do You Do If It Isn’t?

Do you  know if your property is valued fairly and what do you do if it isn’t? When you become a landlord, whether you have one house, five houses or hundreds of houses, you need to figure out if your property is valued fairly.  

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