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Kentucky Dog Bite Laws – Pending Changes

dog bite law

Dog Bite Laws Do you know the dog bite laws in your state?  If you don’t, you need to look them up because they vary greatly from state to state. Did you know that the owner of the dog is liable in more than half of the states?  The way the law is written in …

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How To Build Your Rental Business Without Cash, Credit or A Bank

Build your rental business without cash, credit or a bank.   When you are a new landlord who is trying to build your rental business, things are much easier if you actually have cash.  You don’t need approval from anyone and you can just go buy the house you want. In a perfect world, your …

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Learn How To Show Your Rental Home Without Risking Your Life

  Be Safe.  Show your rental home without risking your life! Safety first when showing your rental home should always, always be your first priority. The house is ready and the time has come to start showing it to prospective tenants.  It can be an exciting and nerve wracking time when you start showing your …

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What To Do When Your Tenant Can’t Pay Rent

Your Tenant Can’t Pay Rent Hearing that your tenant can’t pay rent is something that no landlord wants to hear. You are a landlord and you hope that your tenants will pay their rent each and every month, in full and on time.    Reality The reality is that most of your tenants will pay …

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Should You Consider Renting With A Co-Signer?

Should You Consider Renting With A Co-Signer If A Potential Tenant Has Bad Credit? Sometimes, you are faced with having to rent a house with a co-signer.  Having a vacant property is never good for the bottom line and it can be very stressful for every landlord out there.     Goals When You Have …

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Are You Ready To Be A Landlord?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Landlord   When you hear the word “Landlord”, what adjectives come to mind to describe this person? Lucky Rich Fun Crazy Broke Hard   Any and all of these adjectives can be used to describe almost every landlord at some point.  

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