Tenant Ready Properties Rent Faster

Tenant Ready

Is Your Vacant Rental Property Tenant Ready?

Getting your vacant property tenant ready before you show it is the fastest way to get your property rented.  A vacant property can be a scary thing for any landlord.  It can be easy to rush the process of getting your vacant rental ready for a new tenant.  I know how tempting it can be to just go ahead and start showing the property before it is really ready to show. No one wants their property to sit vacant for too long.

There can be advantages to getting it listed and start getting people in to see the property.  However, if the property is actually dirty from the previous tenant, I would caution against showing it.  A tenant ready house will rent faster. Construction debris and dust are a lot different that a house that a previous tenant never cleaned and has previous tenant funk.

Hopefully you have properly listed the property and are only showing it to pre-screened parties.  You should have a list of pre-qualified people to look at your rental home.  This is your chance to get your house rented quickly.

Whether you are using a lock box or you intend to have an open house,  prospective tenants first impression is very important.   You only want them to have a good first impression.  Hopefully, the property looks great on the outside and everyone oohs and aahs over it.  But, that happiness will turn to dismay and disgust as soon as they walk inside if all they see is a dirty and grimy property because is isn’t tenant ready.


Pre-Screening Prospects – How To Decide Who To Show Your Rental Properties To

Pre-screening prospects

Pre-Screening Prospects – How Do I Decide Who To Show My Rental To?

Landlords ask me all the time what is the best way to figure out who is actually a good risk and how they can stop wasting their time showing a property to people who don’t qualify.

My answer is to pre-screen all prospects.  A prospect is anyone who wants to see your property.


What Is Pre-Screening?   

Pre-screening is an easy way to “vet” everyone who calls and wants to see your  rental property.

I am very selective about who gets access to my rental properties. For my vacant rentals, I want to control who is in and out of them.  Why should I let anyone who wants to just look at the house into to see it?  This increases the wear and tear and increases the chances that someone will return later and strip the property.

Sometimes I have a tenant who gives notice to vacate and they have kept the property in immaculate condition.  This gives me the opportunity to list the property, show it and get it rented before the current tenant moves out.   I want to inconvenience my current tenant as little as possible so pre-screening is very important in these cases.