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Where Did The Dog Come From And Other Fun Questions To Ask Your Tenant

My tenant’s face when I ask where did the dog come from.  Illegal pets are a huge issue for landlords. 

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Should You Allow Pets In Your Rental Properties?

    Should you allow pets in your rental properties?  Let’s take a minute and talk about what can happen if you do because you need rules and policies in place. Allowing pets in your rental properties opens up your pool of renters but also increases your headaches!   Early one bright and sunny Tuesday …

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Kentucky Dog Bite Laws – Pending Changes

dog bite law

Dog Bite Laws Do you know the dog bite laws in your state?  If you don’t, you need to look them up because they vary greatly from state to state. Did you know that the owner of the dog is liable in more than half of the states?  The way the law is written in …

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