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Hello there!  Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me and Coaching with Debbie Vornholt. I’m so glad you’re here!

Do you ever feel like this business just shouldn’t be so hard? I know I did.

That’s the way I felt for so many years.  

I finally figured out that being a successful landlord or a property manager doesn’t have to be hard!

Over time I have learned that the key to being a successful landlord or property manager is to have systems in place that you use every single time!

Why Use Systems?

Owning rental properties is the number one way to grow your wealth. Unlike the stock market where you are at the mercy of every little market hiccup, Owning property allows you also have complete control of your investment.  I know investors that lost more than half of their wealth in the stock market.

Systems are the key to getting your life back!  Without systems, you have tenants that drive you crazy and your properties are not profitable.

Why Hire A Coach?

I know so many landlords and property managers who hate what they do!  They love the money that is generated by their rentals when they are rented. But, they hate the uncertainty that comes with bad tenants, high tenant turnover and vacant properties!  Vacant properties cost you money.  The key is to have nice rental properties with tenants who pay and stay for years.

Yes!  It is possible to have great tenants who pay and stay!

The question is, do you know how to find these tenants and keep them?  Do you know how to deal with bad tenants?

There are systems for:

  • Finding great tenants
  • Keeping your great tenants
  • Dealing with bad tenants

Once you have the correct systems in place, you will get your life back!  Dealing with problems is never any fun, but once you know exactly what to do, everything is much easier!

How Can You Work With Me?

One Hour Of One On One Coaching

Did you ever need someone to coach you through a problem or help you with those “next steps”?  Then this is perfect for you. You can get a lot done in 1 hour! I also have a special price for those that want to book 2 hours at one time (you can use the 2 hours one at a time).

I also offer a package of 6 calls with email support.  You can opt for the 6 week quick start with one call a week or you can stretch it out over 90 days with 2 calls a month.  

Feel free to email me to schedule a discovery call at


If you are serious about becoming a successful landlord who makes money, investing in coaching is the best money you will ever spend!

If you have any questions, just email me and I will get them answered.