Rental Income Guideline

Rental Income Guideline A rental income guideline is imperative for every landlord to have.  Have you ever talked to a prospect and just loved them!  They seem to check all […]

Emotional Manipulation Of Landlords By Prospects And Applicants

Problem Applicants and Emotional Manipulation As a landlord, have you ever been or felt like you were emotionally manipulated by a prospect or application who had too many issues to […]

Why You Should Have Rental Criteria

  Landlord Tip – Why You Should Have Rental Criteria Rental criteria are crucial for every landlord.  They help you quickly identify prospects and applicants who have trouble paying the […]

Tenants Who Pay Late

What Do You Do With Tenants Who Pay Late? Tenants who pay late are very common.  If you are lucky, they call you and explain why they are paying late.  […]