What Upgrades Can You Do To Make Your Rental More Desirable?

make your rental more desirable

Learn how to make your rental more desirable.  Do you have trouble renting some of your properties. Have you ever asked yourself what upgrades would make your rental more desirable?


Let’s face it, tenants these days don’t want a stripped down version of a house.  In their dreams, they want a home with all the amenities and extras that their friends and family have.

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4 Best Ways To Collect Rent From Your Tenants

collect rent

When it is time to collect rent from your tenant on the first day of the month, you need to make it easy for the tenant to pay you.  Your tenant shouldn’t have to hunt you down to pay the rent each and every month.  Nor should you have to go knock on doors every month just to collect the money you are owed.

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Do You Know If Your Property Is Valued Fairly? What Do You Do If It Isn’t?

property valued fairly

Do you  know if your property is valued fairly and what do you do if it isn’t?

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Who Should Pay For Lawn Care, Pest Control and Utilities

who should pay for lawn care

Who should pay for lawn care, pest control and utilities.  Fortunately, they are almost always the responsibility of the tenant when renting a home in my area.  However, I talk to landlords from all over and it seems that this does vary from area.  Your job is to know what is considered “normal” in your area so you don’t end up paying for something you shouldn’t.


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Today Is The First Of The Month And Rent Is Due


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Dealing With A Tenant That Is Unhappy

tenant that is unhappy

When you have been a landlord long enough, you are going to learn that dealing with a tenant that is unhappy is no fun.

No matter what you do, you can’t seem to make this tenant happy.  If this tenant lives in a house, your neighbors may know how unhappy she is but the rest of your tenants won’t know.


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Short Term Leases Pros and Cons For Landlords and Tenants

Short Term Leases

Short term leases seem to be in demand a lot.  A short term lease by definition is any lease that is usually from three to six months longs.

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How To Renew A Lease On Your Rental Property And Do You Have To?

renew a lease

How To Renew A Lease On Your Rental Property

How to renew a lease seems to be a question that landlords and tenants ask me about every week.  The first question to ask is “What does your lease say?”

  • How does it address the end of the lease term?
  • How long was the original lease for?
  • Does it automatically renew for a year?
  • Does the tenant go month to month?

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Where Did The Dog Come From And Other Fun Questions To Ask Your Tenant

My tenant’s face when I ask where did the dog come from.  Illegal pets are a huge issue for landlords. 

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Successful Landlords Use Systems To Manage Their Business


Successful landlords use systems to manage their business.

Do you have systems in your business? 


Successful landlords have one thing in common:  They all use systems to manage their business.


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