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December Rent Can Be The Hardest Rent To Collect

Collecting December Rent Christmas is around the corner and some of tenants have better uses for their money than paying December rent.  Landlords often find that December is the month of the year that is the most difficult to collect rent on time or at all. 

Cash For Keys

cash for keys

Cash For Keys Do you have a tenant who isn’t paying rent?  The most common route for getting rid of a tenant who isn’t paying rent is to go through the eviction process.

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When Can You Keep A Security Deposit?

When Can You Keep A Security Deposit? Are you a landlord faced with a tenant who is demanding his security deposit back? Do you know your rights as a landlord?

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Things Will Break In Your Rental Home That Have To Be Fixed

Things Will Break In Your Rental Home If you are a landlord or are considering becoming a landlord, things will break in your rental home. You need to be prepared to pay to fix stuff.  Sometimes you are just fixing something that broke which is easy enough.  And sometimes you are stuck cleaning up after …

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Tenants and Scheduling Contractor Repairs

Tenants And Contractor Repairs When you own rental property, repairs are inevitable.  Some things just break and sometimes your tenant is rough on the house. Whether you have one repair or multiple repairs that need to be done on your rental home, you have to gain access to the property in order to make repairs. 

What To Do When Your Rental Property Burns Down

What To Do When Your Rental Property Burns Down If you are lucky, you will never have to figure out what to do when your rental property burns down. It is one of the worst things that can happen to a property you own.

Do You Own A Stinky Investment Home?

Smelly Investment Homes Smelly investment homes are as common as bad tenants when you are a landlord.  I am not talking about the more normal damp or musty smell that often accompanies a vacant home. These smells can be gotten rid of pretty easily just by airing out the home or using great smelling cleaning …

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Two Drop Dead Easy Ways To Collect Rent Online

Two Drop Dead Easy Ways To Collect Rent Online   Do you collect rent online to make it easier for your tenants to pay every month?   Collecting rent on time from every single tenant every month is the goal of all landlords and property managers on the planet.    

Do You Send Out 7 Day Letters Consistently To Delinquent Tenants?

Do you send out 7 day letters consistently? I am writing this on the 6th day of the month, but it doesn’t matter what the date is. My 7 day letters have been sent out to all delinquent tenants. My question to you is, have you sent out your 7 day letters to tenants who …

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Are Home Inspections A Good Idea For Real Estate Investors?

Should real estate investors use a home inspection as a buying tool?    Buying property to renovate and rent is one of the most important things you do as an investor.  A rental home located in a good area can earn you a lot of money.