Find A Great Tenant

The number one problem facing most landlords is ‘How to find a great tenant.”

A great tenant pays the rent on time each and every month. You don’t have wonder if or when your tenant will pay.

The reason we all fear renting to a bad tenant is because they are money sucking, time sucking people who drive you to the edge of your sanity!  These bad tenants make many landlords hate that they own rental property!

The key to being able to find a great tenant is that before you start looking for a new tenant, remind yourself to be in the right mindset.

GOAL:  Do not allow anyone to emotionally manipulate you into making a bad decision.


Bad Tenants Excel At Emotional Manipulation

Bad tenants have an entire tool box of things that they use to convince landlords to give them a second chance.  One of the easiest ways to convince a landlord to “take a chance on them” is to make you feel sorry for them. It is actually very easy to do because landlords are people and we have feelings!

These bad tenants use our emotions to emotionally manipulate us and convince us that this time it will be different.  This bad tenant just needs to convince a landlord to throw out all of their rental criteria and emotion is the best way tot do that. Once we feel sorry for these people, it is every easy to convince a landlord to do something that they should never do . . . throw our guidelines out the window!

I learned the hard way that systems and rental criteria help keep landlords on track.  Following your systems helps you as a landlord sidestep these bad tenants.  When you follow your systems, you don’t allow yourself to “take a chance” on these bad actors.


Bad Tenants Lack Certain Skill Sets

Remember, it isn’t your job to save anyone or give anyone a second chance. Your job is to take care of your property and your family.  These bad tenants usually lack certain skill sets. They have never learned to keep a job, budget their money and to pay their bills on time.  It is not your job to take these people on and teach them how to be great tenants.  Most of them also lack the will power to actually live on a budget and behave appropriately.



  • I am only looking for a GREAT tenant.
  • I have made the decision to stop renting to bad tenants.
  • I will release my feelings of fear, stress, anxiety, dread, (fill in the blank – other feelings) during the process of finding a new tenant.
  • I will always remember to put my business and my financial well-being first.
  • This is a business.
  • I will make every effort to not get on the phone with prospects until they have filled out the pre-screening form.
  • It is not my responsibility to give people a second chance if it threatens my business and financial well-being.
  • Prospects and applicants who do not meet my guidelines are not bad people.
  • These “bad tenants” simply lack the skill sets to be good tenants.
  • I do not have to justify my guidelines to anyone.
  • I will not feel bad or guilty for putting my business and financial well-being first.
  • I will remember the phrase “Company policy requires . . . “ and use it as needed.
  • I will not fall in love with or pre-rent to any prospect or applicant until I have properly screened them.
  • I will never try to force someone to fit my guidelines.


Landlord Mindset Video Training

I run across landlords every single day who have fallen victim to bad tenants.  It is so easy to fall for their stories and agree to take a chance on them!  We all know how that ends up!

I put together this video to help every landlord out there be able to easily identify when they are being emotionally manipulated and then learn how to side step these people!

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