dog bite law

Dog Bite Laws

Do you know the dog bite laws in your state?  If you don’t, you need to look them up because they vary greatly from state to state.

Did you know that the owner of the dog is liable in more than half of the states?  The way the law is written in Kentucky, the Landlord is also the owner of the dog which makes the landlord responsible if the dog bites someone.  

The dog doesn’t usually even have to physically attack someone but if an injury results from someone running away or falling, the dog owner (Landlord) is still responsible!

What happens if your tenant has a dog you don’t know about and it bites someone?  If you don’t know, consult an attorney that is familiar with the dog bite laws in your area.

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Senate Bill 4: A Legal Analysis


January 26, 2017


Brent R. Baughman


A pending bill (SB 4) – which establishes medical review panels as a means of vetting medical malpractice claims prior to litigation – will become law (it has already passed in the Senate) and then almost certainly face a constitutional challenge from the Kentucky Justice Association (the leading plaintiffs’ bar group).  Continue reading . . .