make your rental more desirable

Learn how to make your rental more desirable.  Do you have trouble renting some of your properties. Have you ever asked yourself what upgrades would make your rental more desirable?


Let’s face it, tenants these days don’t want a stripped down version of a house.  In their dreams, they want a home with all the amenities and extras that their friends and family have.

The flip side of this is that you aren’t renting a mansion with stainless steel appliances and an in-ground pool! 


But, there are things you can do to make the home seem more special and appealing to prospective tenants.  You are in constant competition with other landlords in your area and some of these extras will make your home more appealing.


There are things you can do to make the home seem more special and appealing to prospective tenants. Click To Tweet


What Can You Do?


The first thing I would say is to know your rental area. Know what your competition is offering.  In my area, it isn’t common for landlords to offer to provide kitchen appliances but in other areas you can’t rent a home without them.  However, in some areas you may not be able to rent a home unless you provide at least a refrigerator and stove.  Be aware that once you provide these items, you will be expected to repair them when they break.



In some areas carpet is the thing to have and all of the tenants in that area what carpet.  New carpet is very inviting and many times the kids will roll around or lounge around on the carpet.  Parents can picture nights sitting on the floor playing board games or watching television.


Hardwood Floors

Now, in other areas, hardwood floors are hip and everyone wants them. Even if you opt for the laminate type floors that look like hardwood, it can really give you rental an edge.  They look neat and clean which tenants also love.  It can be easier for them to personalize the rental to their specific tastes. This also makes your rental more desirable when a tenant can put personal touches like area rugs that match their tastes.


Ceiling Fans

Make your rental more desirable by installing ceiling fans.  Most tenants love ceiling fans!  Installing a ceiling fan in every room that has a nice light kit will have all prospective tenants smiling with delight. Most people realize that they can use the ceiling fans rather than their air conditioning on milder days because it will help efficiently circulate the air in the home. A ceiling fan on average will cool a home by about 7 degrees.  If you buy a ceiling fan that has a reverse motion feature, it can be used during the winter to help distribute warm air in the room.


Mini Blinds

Ha, ha. Don’t roll your eyes!  Yes, I know.  You will end up replacing all of them when the tenant moves out but they are inexpensive and make the home look nice.  Measure all of the windows once and keep a file on your computer under the address so that you never have to measure them again. Most landlords don’t bother to provide them and it is just one more way to make your home stand out.


Tenants that are proud of the home are more inclined to take care of it and stay longer. Click To Tweet

Fresh Paint

This may be a no brainer to some landlords but others do not bother to re-paint the interior of a home every time a tenant moves out.  I can tell you now that anyone that sees the house can tell if you haven’t freshly painted.  There is just something about a freshly painted house that makes everyone happy.  The smell alone is appealing to anyone looking to rent your home.  They know the old dirt is gone and it feels new.  I recommend picking a neutral paint and using it on all of your rentals.  That way you always have some on hand for touch ups.



During the warmer months, buy some cheap flowers and plant them in a bed in the front of the house.  You should also buy a couple of bags of mulch and spread it around.  During cold months, be sure there are no weeds in the beds and if you can, still put down some mulch.  Curb appeal is important and you want to attract a tenant who will be proud to live in your house.


Take Care Of Your Tenants

Take a minute and think about what your tenants want and think of some things you can do to make your rental more desirable.  Remember, if you want clean tenants who will take care of your home, you need to start them off with a clean home. 


Tenants that are proud of the home are more inclined to take care of it and stay longer.  Make is easy for them to stay by addressing maintenance issues quickly and keeping them happy.  


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